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OBVIOUSLY Full Cut Brief – A Menswear Review

Reviewed by Shayne

What can I say that I have not already said about OBVIOUSLY …. They are masters at creating sexy and comfortable briefs. These are my favourite briefs in my drawer. Earlier in the month, I reviewed the Low Rise Bikini Brief with rave reviews. This Australian underwear retailer knows how to market products to men that will not only provide comfort beyond belief but make you look as sexy as all those men on the internet and in magazine you admire. They have done it again! Autumn is finally here and OBVIOUSLY have again created another anatomically designed brief that your body will love and your partner will find it difficult to keep their hands off you.


The Full Cut Brief, part of the Autumn Change range is the ultimate in comfort for those of us out there that want to full sexy whilst have the protection of a fuller cut brief. It again features their trademark feature – the anatomical pouch. Basically, the pouch is designed to prevent any squashing, chafing or sweatiness as it allows your genitals to hang like nature intended. Once you wear this design you will wonder why you wore anything else. The pouch provide enough room to allow your balls feel like they are in a soft, silky sling and give your old fella enough room to expand through the day. There is nothing worse than totally restrictive briefs.

Unlike the bikini cut version, I found that I did not need to adjust the garment whatsoever. The fuller seat in these briefs minimized any riding up or the appearance of the too familiar plumbers crack when bending over. It will save you from embarrassment or those around you.


I am always worried that full briefs = no sex appeal. This is far from the truth. Obviously have produced a subtle yet sexy garment that helps to accentuate a man’s  best features: the butt and the package. They have corrected the problem in the rear of the garment whilst still giving that sexy cut in the front. Like their other styles, OBVIOUSLY have included anatomical pouch to help accentuate your God given talents for your lover. This is definitely what it does: your man or woman will take a double take as you walk by and admire your cut form. The cut of the rear makes your butt look cute to boot whilst still being comfortable to wear all day, whether you are playing sports or under your suit.

The Full Cut Brief features a 38mm waistband, which does not irritate (like some other brands on the market). The waistband compliments the overall look and color of the brief. It features the OBVIOUSLY logo in the centre of the waistband with horizontal shades of green stripes to complement the kiwi green in the rest of the brief. One great feature of the briefs is that it features a tagless design to reduce the annoying and uncomfortable itch (that is common in many other brands).


The fabric is another attractive feature of this garment; it is made from a blend of modal (90%) and lycra (10%). This made the briefs extremely light and comfortable to wear all day that it felt like I was wearing absolutely nothing at all – OBVIOUSLY a big bonus. It made me feel sexy yet supported all day. Being from Australia and our tropical climate I was worried about sweating but it held up all day.


OBVIOUSLY have spent considerable time and care in producing a quality garment. I looked very closely and it was difficult to find any stray cotton in their machining and the garment held up very well after a few washes.

Where to Buy

OBVIOUSLY is the place to shop. The Full Cut Brief comes in a range of Autumn colours: plum, kiwi, glacier and stone blue. I reviewed the brief in a kiwi colour: a vibrant colour for the upcoming Australian summer. They come in small, medium, large and extra large. OBVIOUSLY offer a great product for a reasonable price under $27 AUD ($27 USD, € 20) and can be purchased online through OBVIOUSLY. Get online and snap these up, you will find it difficult not to have one in each colour. You will finally be able to show off your manly form whilst still walking around in comfort. I love them that much that I will definitely be buying more for Christmas!!

Overall Rating [rating=5]

Fit [rating=5] The most comfortable full cut brief out there

Style [rating=5] Reduces that unsightly plumbers crack – great modern colors

Fabric [rating=5] Light and comfortable to wear all day

Quality [rating=5] Well constructed, comfortable material

Size I Wore: S (I’m a 30″ waist)

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