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Olaf Benz RED 1067 Brazilbrief – a Men’s Underwear Review

As I wrote when I first reviewed a pair of Olaf Benz Brazilbriefs, I’m in heaven! Last July, I reviewed a pair of Olaf Benz – the Passion Lab Brazil Brief (0979).  Today’s review is on the Olaf Benz RED 1067 Brazilbrief – the 1067 is the new material that they came out with this past fall.  After trying literally hundreds of brands, Olaf Benz continues to be in my top 5 favorites – if not top 3!

Let’s start off with the overall fit and comfort of the Brazilbrief and end with the wonderful new material (1067).  The cut of the brief is the same as I found in the 0979 Brazilbrief.  The Brazilbrief cut provides you a minimal rear cut and higher sides.  While the coverage for the butt is minimal in comparison to their other cuts, it was adequate for me – and I’m rather picky on having a comfortable seat.  Perhaps the main reason I found the minimal rear coverage comfortable is the lightweight material being used – more on that later.

The pouch on the Brazilbrief is also a minimal coverage.  While again minimal, there is sufficient coverage to be comfortable and supportive, given the stretchy nature of the material.  With a smaller coverage in the pouch, your onlookers also get a sneak peak at the goods. 🙂

This new line is really a super fabric that stands out due to its softness and high elasticity. It is a fine Jacquard with a slightly raised, wavy look.  Take a look at the close up picture to get a better idea of what the material looks like.  Made from a blend of 86% polyamid and 14% elastane, I found the material not only lightweight, but had a wonderful stretchiness to it to provide a wonderful look.  And, being lightweight, there is almost a sheerness to the material.  The new RED 1067 comes in the Olaf Benz White, a deep Olaf Benz Royal Blue and the new Olaf Benz Mint, which runs through the whole collection.

All-in-all, another awesome pair of Olaf Benz. If you want sexy, super comfortable underwear, you’ve found it!!

To check out the entire collection, check out official Olaf Benz site at

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