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Petit-Q Riviera Brief: a Men’s Underwear Review

You may recall the post we did in January on the new line of underwear coming from Petit-Q. The line promised sexy, unique underwear to really spice things up. Our review on the String Ohlala gave credence to their promise.  Today, our review on the Petit-Q Riviera further strengthens the notion that Petit-Q really does create some sexy, unique underwear!

Fit: The Riviera is an open brief concept that has brief coverage on one side, but is completely open on the other half.  The brief fit well and would be comfortable for an evening out (or in).  I don’t think these would be the type, though, that you’d want to wear as daily-wear – unless, of course, you have a noon luncheon if you know what I mean.

The exposure of the half-brief is a blessing at times and sometimes a bit too little of coverage.  The material splits at the pouch.  This makes it easy for things to fall out or have easy access to – depending on your point of view of course.

The rating below is based on these being an evening-out style of underwear.

Style: The Riviera pushes the norm of men’s sexy underwear.  Think of Riviera as a the big tease!!  They cover you but leave a peek at what your partner would like to have more of. :-)  This is sort of like, “Here’s a delicious piece of cake, but you can’t have a bite yet…”  These are rather erotic too as you can decide to keep these on as things get heated up just as easily as you’d want to take them off – easy access to loads of fun.

Fabric: The fabric is comfortable and soft to the touch.

Quality: The Riviera appears to be well made with quality stitching and material selection.

Overall, I like the uniqueness of these briefs.  As I stated above, these are great for an evening out (or night in) and can spice things up for you.  Walking around or going out to dinner knowing you’re half-naked underneath certainly makes you eager to get home soon for some fun!

Where to Buy

Petit-Q’s own online store

UPDATE:  I just tried eSculpta’s Le Cock Ring II with the Petit-Q Riviera and I just had to add to this post how hot that looked.  The cutout of the Petit-Q is begging for a bit of bling and the uber sexy eSculpta jewelry for your jewels is just what was needed.  HOT! HOT! HOT!

Menswear Review Ratings

Size I Wore: L (I’m a 34″ waist)

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