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Petit-Q String Ohlala: a Men’s Underwear Review

You may recall the post we did in January on the new line of underwear coming from Petit-Q.  The line promised sexy, unique underwear to really spice things up.  Well, today we have the opportunity to write a review on the Petit-Q String Ohlala.  What’s really challenging about writing this review is that the String Ohlala is incredibly versatile.  you can wear this as a thong, bulge-boosting strap, or pouch.  All of this is accomplished with simple snaps to get the look you’re after.

Fit: The String Ohlala was quite comfortable for the type of undergarment it is.  While this is comfortable enough to wear as daily-wear, I generally think of this as an evening out type of underwear.  The versatility of the String Ohlala really allows you to decide how you want it to fit.  As a thong, it was comfortable and as a pouch it was equally as comfortable.  You could also wear this is a bulge-strap under any other pair of underwear you own.

Style: Made in black only, it’s pretty simple in that aspect.  As you move beyond color, though, you’ll appreciate the style for what it offers.  The String Ohlala is very sexy and truly gives you a unique look.  After an evening out, simply unsnap the pouch covering and you’re all set for the lots of fun for the remainder of the night. 😉

Fabric: The fabric is comfortable and soft to the touch.  While there are traditional snaps, you don’t have to worry about the feel of them against your skin as they’re well-placed.

Quality: The String Ohlala appear to be well made.

Overall, I was impressed with the versatility these provide.  Giving me the option on how I’d like to wear these was wonderful and I like that you can also use it as a bulge-booster under other underwear I own.

Where to Buy

Petit-Q’s own online store

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Size I Wore: L (I’m a 34″ waist)

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