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Petit-Q Trunk: a Men’s Underwear Review

Guest Review by James

A couple of months ago, Menswear Review published the release of Petit-Q’s new underwear collections. The line promised sexy, unique underwear to really spice things up. Since that initial post, Menswear Review has published several wonderful reviews of Petit-Q.  Well, today’s review is sure to please with the Petit-Q Trunk.

The Petit-Q Trunk is a trunk that has it all – well, I guess it is missing something in back. :-)  The trunk is a ultra low-rise trunk cut that not only has a built-in bulge booster, but also an exposed back door.  The bulge-boosting strap is sewn into the trunk at the sides and allows for freedom of range of movement.  The strap gives you a boost in girth (as you’d expect from a pseudo cock-ring) without being overly restrictive.  It’s actually comfortable enough that you could wear it comfortably for a fun night out.

The front of the trunk is ultra low to the degree that you’ll see the top of the bulge strap – a sexy view if I do say so.  In back, you’ll find it cut out to give a sexy look and ease of access.  In addition, there are three snaps across the back waistband that allows the rear of the trunk to fall open – hand if you’re looking for a little back-door fun. 🙂

The trunk is made from a soft, silky synthetic material that looks great as it wraps around you and provides adequate stretch as things begin to gain in size (wink).

Overall, I really liked these trunks and had lots of fun in them.  I would say these are probably geared for gay men since they have th rear cut-out, but I know some daring straight guys that would probably wear these too.  I guess if regardless of your orientation, if you like a little back door play (and I’ve actually read that plenty of straight guys like it too, though they don’t publicly admit it) these are a fun pair to have!

Where to Buy

Petit-Q’s own online store

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Size I Wore: L (I’m a 35″ waist)

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