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Ristefsky Macheda Dare Retro Brief – a Men’s Underwear Review

Reviewed by Shayne

Recently I had the pleasure of reviewing the Ristefsky Macheda (RM) Dare Brief. I was just as pleased to try the RM Dare Retro Brief which is available in some great colour combinations such as Charcoal/Red, Charcoal/Blue, Charcoal/Yellow and Charcoal/Sky. I think the red and yellow variations look the best, however, it is up to personal choice. Either way I am sure you will find a pair that matches your personality. RM have added the European sophistication, the laidback lifestyle of Australia and great combination of retro inspired colours in a pair of briefs that look ultra cute.

These briefs are a must for anyone that is after comfortable everyday underwear with that little extra splash of colour (red, yellow or blue) but still want a basic black/grey brief. I actually prefer this style to the Dare brief for that more subtle look.

Style: The RM Dare Retro brief is nothing new on the market, however; somehow I am intrigued by this brand and love their combination of colours. The colours are subtle yet sexy. The briefs are a mid-rise cut with a fuller cut especially in the hip and rear. These are great briefs to add something different into your underwear draw whilst still remaining modern. It features a 1 ¾ inch waistband with the embroidered logo of “Ristefsky Macheda” in black cotton on a white elastic background with a black horizontal line to frame the top of the waistband. RM have added red trims around the pouch and legs to accentuate your manhood and to tidy up the overall look of these sexy vintage washed deep charcoal briefs. Like the Dare Brief, these briefs have a Y-front opening to make using them easier. However, these openings are definitely not designed for the more endowed men out there.

Fit: I found these briefs extremely comfortable to wear all day; there were no signs of riding up or the need to adjust myself throughout the day. There was ample room in the pouch to accommodate my goods whilst still giving enough support. The rear of the garment provided enough coverage, however, it did not give any outstanding features of making your ass look any more impressive. The addition of the Y-front complements the retro look even further but in a more sexier way than years gone by. Overall this is a well-fitting everyday brief that you would be proud to add to your collection.

Fabric and Quality: The Dare Retro brief is a well constructed garment made out of Cotton (95%) and Elastane (5%) which is a perfect blend for everyday wear. The brief will not do anything extraordinary to make your body look more toned or accentuate your assets, however, these briefs are definitely worth considering. They have ensured that they have used quality materials and spent considerable amount of time in construction. I found it very difficult to find faults in this garment with some slight imperfections on the inside of the garment common to mass manufactured underwear. However there were no faults with important aspects such as stitching.

The Dare Retro Brief is a great spin on a classic pair of briefs that will be a cherished addition to your collection. Ristefsky Macheda can be purchased through for a reasonably priced $24.95. They come in the classic retro colours of Blue, Yellow, Sky and Red trims on a charcoal base. Buy one of each colour and relieve those great retro colours of years gone by.

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Overall Rating ★★★★★
Fit ★★★★★ Wears well, quite comfortable to wear all day
Style ★★★★★ A great retro spin whilst remaining modern
Fabric ★★★★★ Hardy well selected material
Quality ★★★★★ Expert machining and finish
Size I Wore: S (I’m a 30″ waist)

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