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Schultz Coming Soon Brief – A Men’s Underwear Review

As I've stated before, Schultz Jeans make more than just fantastic jeans… they make awesome underwear too!

“Coming Soon” men's underwear briefs are my latest find from Schultz. You may recall that I reviewed their “I Want Out” boxer brief a week or so ago and had wonderful things to say about them.  As for their briefs, simply awesome!

The Schultz Coming Soon briefs are one of favorite briefs I have – and I have a lot!  These are one of those briefs that you pull out when you can't decide what to wear and all you're sure of is you want comfort.  And, not only are these incredibly comfortable, they're a great look too! 

The briefs are made from the same 100% ribbed cotton as their boxer briefs.  The result, comfortable cotton feel.  As I've stated, these are one of those staple, “I know I'll be comfortable all day” briefs.  Aside from the comfortable, quality grade cotton, the cut of the briefs are right on.  Ample room in front to support you for all-day wearing, a full seat that doesn't give you wedgies, and soft cotton to keep you comfortable.  Quite honestly, I can't think of anything  I didn't like about these briefs.

For the front, Schultz uses a fly front.  While most guys don't use the “fly” part, it's there if you want it.  What the fly opening does do for the brief, is add to the masculine, athletic look.  From the use of primary colors and bold contrasts, Schultz has created a handsome brief.

Overall, a fantastic pair of briefs.  At £17.50 (aprx $27 USD), they are on the higher end of men's underwear – but definitely worth the price you pay.  For the full selection of “themes” check out their site at


Overall Rating
Comfortable, masculine, athletic
Excellent fit
Athletic, masculine, classic
100% Ribbed Cotton
Very well made

Size I Wore:  L (I'm a 34″ waist)

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