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Schultz I Want Out Boxer Brief – A Men’s Underwear Review

Schultz Jeans make more than just fantastic jeans… they make awesome underwear too!

Finding a great pair of jeans was the tip of the iceberg when I found out about Schultz.  If you recall, I wrote a review a bit ago on their Greatwhite Jeans and absolutely loved them.  I’ve been fortunate enough to also try out their underwear and all I can say is WOW!

While the underwear’s waistband boldly states, “I Want Out” you’ll be quite content staying in – who am I kidding, after your lover sees you, you’ll want out but you’ll look forward to getting back in later on ;-D.

The Schultz I Want Out boxer briefs are a very comfortable pair of men’s underwear.  The style is a classic boxer brief look and certainly a masculine look.  The classic fly front ads to its classic look.  Available in white, black, and and yellow, you’ll look great in these and can have fun with I Want Out waistband.  

The boxer briefs are made from 100% ribbed cotton for a soft, comfortable cotton feel.  At first I was concerned about them being 100% cotton in that without elastane, 100% cotton tends to loose its shape over the course of the day.  Schultz rectifies this concern by add elastic to its leg-bands.  The elastic leg bands secured them to your legs and I didn’t experience any riding up of the legs during the day.

For the front, Schultz does use a fly front.  While some guys do use the fly when using the restroom, most guys really just pull them down a bit and go over the top.  So, for functionality, it’s there but really a matter of whether you’ll use it or not.  I believe the use of a fly front is really from a style/aesthetics perspective to give it the classic, masculine look and not necessarily for it’s functional use.  The front was comfortable and supportive, but would be curious to see what a pouch would do instead.  Again, quite comfortable with the fly front.

Overall, a fantastic pair of boxer briefs.  I found myself wearing these a couple of times because they were so comfortable.  I really liked the elastic in the leg-bands as they kept them from riding up – an all too often problem with boxer briefs.  I can recommend these to you and are on my favorites list.  At Â£18.50 (aprx $28 USD).  Schultz does ship internationally.  So, check out their underwear line at In addition to “I Want Out”, you’ll also discover Coming Soon, Hands Free, Heat Seeker, Get A Grip, and Girls On Top.

I’ll be writing a review on the Schultz Coming Soon briefs soon – another hit!


Overall Rating
Comfortable and fun
Fit quite well
Fun, masculine, classic
100% Ribbed Cotton
Very well made

Size I Wore:  L (I’m a 34″ waist)

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