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Timoteo Sport Brief – A Men’s Underwear Review

Reviewed By Ken

This is the second of three Timoteo Sport products I have tried, the fourth for Menswear Review.  The first was the the Timoteo Sport Jock which I really liked.  The Timoteo Sport Brief, the focus of this review,  is made of the same 96% cotton and 4% spandex as the Sport Jock, which is extremely comfortable, breathable and supportive all at the same time.   I usually prefer  a jock or trunk type underwear and do not wear briefs on a regular basis, but this pair of Timoteo Sport Briefs was more comfortable than most briefs I have worn.

There was some pinching and re-adjustments need over the course of a full day of wearing near the leg openings, this was probably due to the fact I am not used to the position of the openings on my legs.  Overall I was pleased with the fit, form and function.  The wide waist band never pinched or irritated me and the pouch provided plenty of support and lift.

I wore the Sport Brief during a volleyball match and was pleasantly surprised by the support and “containment” the brief provided during the match, although I did prefer the tighter “containment” provided by the Sport Jock in this situation.

Overall I was pleased with the quality of construction and the breathable materials used in the Timoteo Sport Brief, and surprised by how comfortable the brief was compared to other briefs I have worn.

Where to Buy

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Overall: [rating=4] – Another good product in the Timoteo Sport Line with comfortable materials and quality construction.

Fit:  [rating=4] – Very comfortable for a brief style

Style:  [rating=4] – Prefer trunk styles but was surprised by the comfort of the Timoteo Brief.  Liked the purple and yellow color scheme.

Fabric: [rating=5] – Enjoy the 96% percent cotton for breathability and the flexibility provided with the added spandex

Quality: [rating=4] – Loved the materials, excellent stitching

Size I Wore: Large (I am a 33 inch waist)

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