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TOOT Back Slit Nano Boxer: a Men’s Underwear Review

Having review quite a few items from TOOT’s collections, I have come to appreciate them as one of my favorite top 5 brands.  They are in my top 5 for sex appeal, fit, quality and value.  With TOOT, you really do get it all.  Today’s review is on one of their newest items, the Back Slit Nano Boxer.  The Back Slit Nano is a sexy little nano boxer that has a mesh rear panel and a slit that separates the waistband from the bottom, exposing your buttocks just a bit.

Fit: The Back Slit Nano fit as I would expect any TOOT underwear to fit – excellent!  The ergonomic pouch design continues to be a favorite of mine as it holds you so comfortably, provides great support, and gives just a bit of lift to help show things off.  The legs and sides are a traditional TOOT Nano fit.

It’s in the rear that they’ve changed things up a bit.  As you can see in the picture, the silky nylon top material that runs across the back is seperated with a seamed slit from the mesh material that covers the bottom of the boxer.  This did take a bit to get used to as you do feel the two lines of material when wearing them all-day.  You can look at this as both a positive and negative.  While you do feel the two seams, you also are reminded of what you’re wearing and strut with a feeling of sexiness throughout the day.

For me, I would probably keep these for more evening wear than daily wear.

Style: Quite sexy.  The short Nano Boxer has always been a favorite of mine.  I love the short sexy legs and how it helps show off your package. The material used is incredibly silky and the combination of mesh makes these even sexier.  The tease of the split in the rear takes these over the top.  Definitely love the look of these!

Fabric: The Back Slit Nano Boxer is made of 82% Nylon/18% Polyurethane. This material creates a silky, yet stretchy, material that wraps your body in luxury. The other beautiful part of this fabric is that it is near sheer – giving you just glimpse at the prize package. The silk used on the buttocks is also very soft and well made.  Great material selections!

Quality: As I always find with TOOT, these were very well made.  The stitching and material selection are fantastic.

Overall, I loved these boxers.  The sexiness of the material, along with the mesh butt and slit across your backside make these an awesome evening pair of underwear.  Kudos to TOOT!

Where to Buy

Toot’s Own Online Store

DO NOTE: sizing is in Japanese sizes- I usually wear a Medium in US sizes, but took a Large in TOOT. Be sure to size up from what you typically buy.

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Size I Wore: L (I’m a 34″ waist)

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