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TOOT Diamond Pt Nano Boxer – A Men’s Underwear Review

A few weeks ago, I wrote how TOOT men’s underwear is one of the reasons I love writing this blog!  Today, my love for TOOT continues.  If you are new to TOOT, you should read my last review where I give a bit of background on the brand and the multiple lines they make.

The TOOT Nano Boxer is the focus of this review; in particular, the review is on the Diamond Point Nano Boxer.  In my last review of the TOOT Rayon Boxer Brief, I stated that they were one of my favorite pair of men’s underwear.  The TOOT Nano Boxer receives the same praise.  TOOT has designed some really comfortable, sexy men’s underwear.

The styling and fit of the TOOT Nano Boxer was very similar to that of the Rayon Boxer Brief.  These boxers are short and sexy. The Nano Boxer offers more of a fun, sexy look vs the more conservative look of the Rayon Boxer Brief.  The feel of the boxer is a soft cottony feel and sits low on your waist, but just high enough to remain comfortable.

The Nano Boxer is offered in a variety of colors and patterns.  To see the full collection, you should see the TOOT website.

Made from 95% Cotton / 5% Polyurethane blend, I found these to be very comfortable for all-day wearing.  The blend of material aided in the comfort and molding around my manhood for a supportive, sexy look.

The fit of the boxer brief is incredibly comfortable and supportive.  The contoured pouch holds  your package comfortably and offers plenty of support. Just as the Rayon Boxer Brief had, there is a center seam which highlights the rear end nicely.  Always concerned about rear seams, I found these to be comfortable without giving the wedgie feeling.  NOTE:  sizing is in Japanese sizes- I usually wear a Medium in US sizes, but took a Large in TOOT.  Be sure to size up from what you typically buy.

Quality is again quite evident.  Quality material and stitching with flat seams really make this a wonderful pair of men’s underwear.  As you know from my earlier review, TOOT owns their own factory and doesn’t have to deal with outsourcing problems.

All-in-all, a sexy, comfortable pair of underwear. I can easily recommend these to you.  You can check out the full range of colors as well as other TOOT styles from their website –


Overall Rating
Very Sexy, comfortable underwear
Fit me very well
Sexy short boxer
Soft cottony feel
Very well made

Size I Wore:  L (I’m a 34″ waist)

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