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Toot Infinity Boxer – a Men’s Underwear Review

Reviewed by Shayne

Toot, a Japanese brand, launched itself into the underwear market in 2001. Their range is quite impressive – being an astute underwear connoisseur, I am certain that there will be a style, cut or colour combination that you will love. Toot not only produce various styles of underwear (briefs, boxer briefs, boxers, trunks) but they also a range of products such as swimwear, homewares, beauty products and clothing. This company certainly has something for everyone.

The Toot Infinity Boxer is designed for the more daring guy out there that does not mind showing off his flesh. The V-cut shape at the front and the skimpy cut to the overall boxers is definitely for those guys out there that have a leaner body type. I wore the Medium and I am glad I did. Their sizes are smaller than you would normally buy – my recommendation is to buy one size larger. However, I found that the pouch was not quite large enough to hold all my goods in place. They are definitely very raunchy and my partner did l love them on me. It took me a while to get used to the cut of these briefs. Overall though, my butt looked great in these and moulded my ass, making it look awesome. I found that due to the low cut to the briefs and no waistband that I found myself wanting to pull them up constantly. One bonus, though, is that it actually felt like I was going commando but with support.

The Toot Tiger Infinity Boxers, as the name suggests comes in a tiger print. The tiger print is available in two colours: brown and black. The black is more subdued, but they both will allow you to release the inner tiger inside. They are actually a very sensual pair of boxers that will certainly impress your lover. The boxers do not feature a waistband, which add to its sensuality. There is no official waistband; rather, they have added thin black elastic as a faux-waistband. They have incorporated a V-cut design in the front of the boxers, which helps to highlight your package further, leaving a trail towards heaven. The pouch is compact enough to support your package, however, there is not enough room for growth (should the situation occur). The rear of the boxers is subtly cut through the use of a rear seam to support your tush and to add shape. Although it does support your rear, the boxers sit very low, exposing a little too much crack for my liking.

Toot’s Tiger Infinity Boxers are made from high quality materials. The construction of the boxers is near flawless with no signs of faults in the colour of the fabric or in the stitching. They have used a blend of Nylon (82%) and Polyurethane (18%), which have been used in a smart way to add shape to the cut of the boxers. The garment does get quite hot in the summer and could not be used for sports. It does feel pretty awesome underneath jeans or shorts and would be even better as a seductive garment.

Toot can be purchased through or alternatively in outlets throughout Asia, Canada and Europe. Toot has a range of styles that you will love. Buy a pair and release the tiger deep inside of you!  Don't forget to check out the other Toot reviews by Menswear Review.

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Size I Wore: S (I’m a 28-30″ waist)

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