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Toot Nylon Nano Boxer – A Men’s Underwear Review

As I wrote yesterday about the TOOT Phoenix Pt. Boxer, I have been a huge fan of TOOT for some time now.  I really love their variety of colors, patterns, and materials to choose from – as you’ll find in this series of TOOT reviews.  If you’re just stumbling across Menswear Review and haven’t followed the other TOOT Reviews, you’ll want to should read my earlier review where I give a bit of background on the brand and the multiple lines they make.

Today’s review is on Toot’s Nylon Nano Boxer, of which I tried in purple.  Toot offers a variety of colors to choose – white, yellow, pink, two shades of blue, black, and, of course, purple.  The Nano Boxer does come in other color/patter and material options too.

The Toot Nylon Nano Boxer continues the brand trend of extremely comfortable, and sexy underwear.  The contoured pouch held me comfortably while adding to the overall sexy look by enhancing my manhood.  The Nylon Nano Boxer is a blend of nylon (82%Nylon;18%Polyurethane)  and cotton (92%Cotton;8%Polyurethane). The nylon material is found on the pouch and sides, while the cotton material is found on the bottom of the boxer – connecting the pouch and butt.  What this unique blend creates is the super comfortable, stretchy, and manhood molding fabric in the pouch while using the cotton to keep you comfortable from perspiration.  Sometimes, wearing nylon underwear in hot weather can leave you with a clingy feeling.  With the cotton strategically placed in the high-sweat area, you’ve eliminated this problem, while still allowing for some super sexy material – and look!

similar to the other boxers I’ve tried, the Nylon Nano Boxer has a rear center seam that highlights you butt nicely – and, may I add, without creating any discomfort.  Through flat seams, Toot has been able to the sexy feature of a rear center seam while still maintaining comfort.

Consistently of high quality, Toot is another of my all-time favorite brands… definitely on my top 10 list.

All-in-all,  a sexy and very comfortable pair of men’s underwear. I can easily recommend these to you. Check out the other TOOT styles from their website –

NOTE: All TOOT products were designed to fit a slim man snugly. For larger men, and those who prefer a looser fit, order at least one size up. For example, order a TOOT in size M (medium) if you normally wear a small in other brands.

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