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Tulio Lace Power Pouch Bikini – A Men’s Underwear Review

Reviewed by Frank

Lace is not the kind of material that springs to mind when I think of men’s underwear; however, after thinking outside of the box I was very surprised, and somewhat shocked, at how much I liked these. The men’s Lace Power Pouch by Tulio is the focus of this men’s underwear review.

When we think of lace, we often think of delicate material.  The lace in this Tulio Power Pouch has been made with a flower pattern.  At first, I thought of the pattern as a bit delicate of a look.   Once on, however, these looked really sexy. Close up, the pattern allowed for a little sneak peek of what was underneath.  From a distance the pattern made it look like I was wearing normal underwear, with an enticing profile to boot..

The front has a built in pouch for your tackle, this was my favorite part of the underwear as it was very supportive, comfortable and showed off what was being offered (if you know what I mean). The rear was also comfortable and supportive.  I did not having any problems with riding up in the rear like many pairs of underwear I own.

The waist band has a silky texture to it, which makes for a very comfortable wear.  The lace is made up of 85% poliamyde and 15% elastane for a delicate look without being too delicate of a material.

Over all I found the Tulio Lace Power Pouch Bikini to be a very sexy, comfortable piece of underwear which could be taken from fun in the bedroom to wearing it to work.  If you are into lace underwear of just looking for something different this is the underwear for you.  A special thanks to Mensuas for supplying the sample for us to review.

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Tulio Lace Power PouchTulio Lace Power Pouch

Overall Rating [rating=4]
[rating=4] –  Very comfy
Style [rating=4] –  The pouch makes for a sexy look
Fabric [rating=4] –  Lace – but super comfy
Quality [rating=4] – Very well made
Size I Wore: M (I’m a 36″ waist)

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