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AussieBum Goes Bananas This Wednesday!

The world is going bananas for AussieBum!

A few days ago, I wrote on the upcoming Banana line from AussieBum.  Well, wait no more!  AussieBum is launching the new line this Wednesday!

In a world first, AussieBum, the international men’s fashion lifestyle brand, has developed a fabric that utilizes banana fiber. Banana fiber is a new natural fiber that is extracted from the bark of a banana tree. Whilst the appearance is similar to bamboo fiber, banana is easier to spin into a soft
fine thread.

Sean Ashby, AussieBum founder comments “at aussieBum we have a responsibility to continually research and develop new fabric technologies, Banana fibre characteristically enjoys good luster, is light weight, offers strong moisture absorption and is considered one of the most eco friendly fibres in the world today. We are truly proud of our contribution to the development of this fabric. Its exciting and once again, delivers Australia to the doorstep of the world!”

Banana Underwear is quite simply the most comfortable underwear developed with the environment in mind. Driven by the success of our popular ‘Bamboo’ range another eco-friendly product.

100% made and manufactured in Australia, aussieBum continues to set itself apart in the competitive world of men’s intimate apparel. The brand is consistently seen as one of the worlds leading fashion lifestyle brands. Renowned for its quality and cutting edge design, aussieBum has turned the heads of the international fashion elite by continuously developing unique products and pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

The world asks and AussieBum listens.

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