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Gregg Homme Launches Outrageously Sexy 2011 Men’s Underwear Line!

I am a long standing fan of Gregg Homme.  Their styles are edgy, sexy, cutting edge and a leader in design (as we’ve recently seen with some not-so-subtle copies of their X-Rated Maximizer line).  The new 2011 looks to continue their awesome history of some of the sexist men’s underwear out there. Take a look at the new sexy men’s underwear and swimwear line from Gregg Homme and let me know what you think!  Which new style is your favorite??


Another perfect example of Gregg Homme’s mastery of designing some of the sexiest men’s underwear on the planet, the PROVOKE collection is made from a unique distressed mesh fabric. For teasing and pleasing, there’s no denying the enticing nature of the PROVOKE collection!

87000-Provoke Gregg Homme


The sexy men’s underwear with a fetish twist— Gregg Homme’s FORBIDDEN collection is made from a combination mesh/leather-like fabric and features Advanced Enhancement Technology: a suspensor system with an enhancing pouch that has a sturdy yet safe zipper to hold back your forbidden fruit!

87100-Forbidden Gregg Homme


For lovers of dark, mysterious fashion, Gregg Homme offers its DUNGEON collection – a thrilling array of styles made from a wet leather-look / latex fabric that clings to your body and accentuates it in the way that latex does, but is more comfortable and durable. The DUNGEON’S main feature is a set of robust metal clips that provide easy access to what’s underneath… if your lover can bear the torture of waiting!

87200-Dungeon Gregg Homme


The men’s underwear revolution starts here! Gregg Homme’s highly original PUMP-UP collection features Advanced Enhancing Technology: a suspensor system made up of an opaque European ultra-light microfiber fabric that delivers both thesupport and shaping that a lot of men crave in sexy underwear.

87300-Pump-Up Gregg Homme


The smokin’ hot TORRID from Gregg Homme is a highly sensual underwear collection made from a unique, hyper-stretch body- hugging fabric. Each style successfully mimics the ‘naked’ feeling under clothing, letting you forget you’re wearing it!

87400-Torrid Gregg Homme


‘Going commando’ is a term that most guys are familiar with, however not all of us are well-informed on its benefits. The COMMANDO collection from Gregg Homme bridges the gap between letting loose and having a protective layer under your jeans. The fabric featured here mimics the ‘naked’ feeling under clothing.  Time to go commando??

87500-Commando Gregg Homme87500-Commando Gregg Homme


From the steamy depths of the fashion jungle comes the PREDATOR collection by Gregg Homme – a savagely sexy combination made from a horizontally-striped leopard print fabric. A fun addition to any fashion-conscious man who loves embracing his wild side!

87600-Predator Gregg Homme


The bad-ass BANDITO collection from Gregg Homme is so sexy.  Made from a lightweight leather-like fabric that clings comfortably to the curves of your body, the BANDITO collection features a laser-cut high-precision mesh window in your choice of themes.

87700-Bandito Gregg Homme


When the sun is high and the tide is low, Gregg Homme’s trend-setting HEXX collection swimwear will attract admiring glances up & down the beach! Adorned with a metallic gold hexagonal print and matching waistband, the HEXX swimsuit is a fresh new addition that stands out on the beach!

87800-Hexx Gregg Homme


Gregg Homme offers you a legend in the making! The heroic HERCULES group is a masculine underwear design of epic proportions! Featuring a silver, leather-like fabric adorned with matte sequins that give the impression of chain mail, the HERCULES collection will make its wearer feel sexy, rugged, noble, and brave!  I don’t believe Hercules was the sex god, but maybe you can be!

87900-Hercules Gregg Homme

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