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Groovin’ Thong: a Menswear Review

Reviewed by Shayne

Groovin’ is a Japanese designed and inspired masculine brand. The Groovin’ Thong part of their Kinetics range injects fun and vibrancy into your world.  Don’t forget to look at their other Groovin’ designs that have been reviewed on Menswear Review. They are available in a range of colours that will add some fun to your wardrobe. They are available in red, purple, pink, black, green, orange, white, blue and yellow. There are enough colours to have a different one for each day of the week.

This thong is definitely on the briefer side, although, their design is something that actually attracted me. They are a high quality design with material that is super soft to wear and your body will love you for it. There is no waistband as such, rather it features a 0.5” waistband which helps to accentuate the sheerness to the garment. The design features a fuller brief with a thong rear view. The pouch uses a center and side seams to add some definition to your pouch. They look totally cute and for smaller or slimmer guys out there, I am sure you will love them and your partner will be awe how great you look in them.

Unfortunately for me that were a little too brief for my liking. I wore a medium and found that there was not enough room to hold my low hangers and substantial shaft. They are definitely not designed for larger endowed guys out there. I found that for western guys out there, Groovin’ needs to make the pouch much larger. My boys could not even fit into the thong – not a very sexy look at all.

The thong is made from a blend of Nylon (92%) and Lycra (8%), which helps to create further definition for your tackle. They are tight enough to provide support for your goods yet not too tight that it cuts off circulation. The rear of the garment actually feels very comfortable not like some other thongs on the market. The rear of the garment creates a very sexy definition of your buttocks. I loved the fact that the pouch is more brief-like.

They are very well constructed and machined. There are no flaws in the production of this garment: no stray threads, some great overlocking to create a very neat and presentable thong. They would be perfect for quick drying and wear again very quickly. If you are a guy that has a tight, smaller package these would be perfect.

Where to Buy

Groovin’ Thong is a modern and fresh design that would look great on guys with the right body shape. You need to definitely size up with this product. Normally I wear a small, wore a medium and really needed to go large. I love the vibrant colour choices. They are a must for guys that love their thongs. They can be purchased direct through Their website is very easy to use, no need to translate the website and very easy to purchase products.

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Size I Wore: M (I’m a 28-30″ waist)

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