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Hurmoso: a Brand Profile

Hurmoso is one of the hottest new men’s underwear lines to hit this highly competitive market. Hurmoso was created by “Pissarro” (Pissarro T. Hall) an artist from New York City that has been working in high-end fashion & advertising for the last 10 years. Prior to his advertising career Pissarro studied anatomy and worked as a medical illustrator for the Universität of Tübingen in Baden-Wurttemberg Germany.

Pissarro tells Menswear Review, “I dove into the industry because of the unique opportunity to combine everything I love and everything I have learned in my creative/professional career. It has kept my work path interesting while allowing me to concentrate and help define the fashion segment of men’s underwear.”

Hurmoso was started in 2010. After completing a stint of research in Rio De Janeiro and Buenos Aires, he came up with the name Hurmoso. Hurmoso very much resembles the Spanish term Hermoso which means beautiful or handsome.

Hurmoso’s first line was never officially released but consisted of a selection of bold and daring colors and prints. The fabrics consisted of soft organic cotton and modal with a stretch blend. The fit, they tell us, was and remains astounding.

Being from NYC it’s quite simple to gather guys from all over the world to receive their input on underwear and what exactly the perfect fit is for them. Pissaro tells us that his team worked with guys from Europe, Australia and South America in addition to the US to come up with a fit that was voted most likely to succeed.  Though the line was received well they did not release it for retail. This first line was more for research and to help define our niche market.

“Today our niche remains confident, daring, provacitve and sexy guys,” says Pissaro. From Brooklyn to Hong Kong, Bogota to Budapest, Paris to Melbourne they have made a splash and have built quite a following thanks to the internet. As far as the underwear, the company divide it’s time equally to focus on colors and prints, patterns and fit and fabric sourcing to ensure guys are not only looking good but also feeling great.

Now approaching their second season, they officially launched their website in November 2011 and starting in 2012 they will begin selling to other retailers in spring/summer 2012.

“We are very excited about the new year and look forward to providing guys with the comfort and creativity they are looking for in underwear!” exclaims Pissarro.

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