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It’s Time To Man Up!

I’ll try not to do this too often, but I need to get up on my soap box…

If you’ve read my profile, you know I’m straight, married and have two beautiful daughters.  So, my comments on this topic come to you with this perspective.

I was reading Sean Ashby’s blog (Aussiebum founder) recently about who the target audience is for Aussiebum – gay, straight, etc…  I think Sean Ashby is dead-on when he writes, “At aussieBum we combine masculinity and sexiness, and as we say ‘if you doubt yourself, wear something else.’ ”  I think too many men are afraid to express their masculinity and don’t feel confident dressing and looking sexy for whomever their partner is or for whatever their sexual orientation is.  I think my gay and bi friends have gotten over this lack of self-confidence so I write this mainly to my fellow straight guys – really, it’s ok to wear sexy underwear and still be straight!  And for the ladies reading this, buy your man something sexy – he’ll thank you later! I know I actually feel more confident and frisky when I know I’m wearing something fun down below.

Now, if you’re not ready to go out and try a mesh g-string, start out with something mild.  Go for a colored brief or some funky boxer-briefs.  Get comfortable with your masculinity by expressing yourself as a sexual being.  Ladies – maybe it’s time to buy your man a pair to get him going – be sure to compliment often.

The human form is a beautiful thing and should be seen as such.  When ladies comment on a beautiful woman it doesn’t make her a lesbian.  When a guy sees another guy in the gym or a sharp-dressed guy on the street it’s ok to think they’re attractive or good looking (and I know you do – we all do but just don’t verbalize it) – it doesn’t make you gay – it makes you a person who appreciates the aesthetics of the human form, regardless of the gender.  If a gay man looks at a beautiful woman, he doesn’t turn straight.  You are who you are and appreciating the human form is just that – appreciating the art in all of us.

This Valentine’s Day, I say DON’T doubt yourself and wear something else; instead, celebrate your masculinity and wear something bold, daring and sexy!  

I’ll start you off with a couple of ideas to get you going in the shallow end before you take off for the diving board …

Core-Point Lux (it even has skulls on it) – They also have matching women’s briefs
Core-Point – enter promo code: MWR to save 30%

3G Actual Wear Vintage Collection – hearts and fun shapes

Wyzman (carries the Vintage Collection)

Aussiebum Celebrate – fun kangaroo with pounding heart

PACT Forest Ethics – also have matching women’s briefs

Nation Up North – hey if the guys from the UFC can wear them so can you

Piado – enter promo code: BEMYVALENTINE to save 15%

So, there you have it.  Go on, give ’em a try.  If you need more ideas, just leave a comment and I’ll get back to you.  Have fun and good luck.  

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