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Mason’s, Zanone, and Calvin Klein Exclusive Sale

Exclusive, invite-only deals at Gilt Man

Up to 90% off top designers. Gilt sales are only open to members. MEMBERSHIP IS FREE. Well folks, I invite you to join Gilt Man – the men’s section of Gilt. Check ’em out to find deals on men’s underwear, clothing, sportswear, suits, and just about anything a guy could as for! Click HERE to join and check out these awesome sales!


Sale ends 04/23 11PM CT

The military has a longstanding history of passing down some of its most stylish gear—think trench coats and chinos—to the civilian class. Time to add another notch to that belt. Inspired by durable mil-spec garments, Mason’s has been making sharply tailored, highly functional apparel for over 35 years. Our collection of smart button-downs, trim chinos, and layerable sweaters is a veritable “best of” from the rugged-yet-refined Italian label.


Sale ends 04/23 11PM CT

The Italian luxury enthusiasts at Zanone make only thing: Knitwear. Luckily, it’s some of the finest you can get your hands on. Our selection of polos is a study in restrained, European elegance—perfectly understated, meticulously crafted, and deftly curated. Here’s to keeping things focused.


Calvin Klein White Label Suiting

Sale ends 04/23 11PM CT

Calvin Klein White Label makes suiting for the gentleman who understands that sometimes, the best statement is one made quietly. Crafted in a muted palette of neutrals and featuring understated patterns like herringbone and subtle checks, these slim, two button suits are the perfect way to convey confidence and style without speaking a word.

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