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Sexy New Brand is Getting Ready to Launch

An exciting and sexy new brand is getting ready to launch – catch the excitement!
Bon Bon Bodywear, conceived in Canada
in 2009, is inspired by international art, technology and design,
producing an eclectic underwear collection. Bon Bon desires to
represent the best upcoming trends in both the artistic and sport

Featuring 4 different lines, Bon Bon
Bodywear should have something for everyone …
Colours Collection: Available in a variety of electric hues, using innovative colors to provide inspirational underwear for everyday wear.

Black & White Collection: Bringing
a casual elegance, featuring superior cut, style and construction.

Upgrade Gold: Made from material that
has a soft hand and finishing that is number one for comfort and
quality. From the gym to the office, Upgrade Gold is designed to
combine and excellent fit and construction and using colors sparingly
as accents to deliver a feeling of richness and quality.

Artist In Residence (Jon Burgeman):
features the work of the world’s most recognized visual artists. In
Bon Bon terms, “Artist in Residence” refers to an innovative
project merging art and design.

I’ve been told by Bon Bon Bodywear that
their line

will be avalible after January 20th on their online

Also beginning
in January, they will be sold in Australia, New Zealand, Canada,
USA and Russia. I’ll keep you posted as they add more retailers.

like a really fun, sexy brand!  Now you can finally eat a bon bon in your Bon Bon!

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