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Show Your Patriotism: Sheer Patriotic Jocks


Just arrived at Jockstrap Central: Pulse has another hit on their hands. First was the Stretch Mesh jockstraps, then the Sheer Wrestling Singlets (which Jockstrap Central can never keep in stock) and now a combination of those two – the Stretch Mesh Country Jockstraps.

Made with Pulse's remarkable four way stretch mesh fabric and sublimation printed with some of our favorite country's flags, these jockstraps are unbelievably sexy, totally erotic and completely stylish. Upon first glance, you'll probably wonder how that skimpy little pouch is going to hold your junk but not to worry, it not only molds to fit what you've got but when you get excited from wearing this hot jockstraps the fabric s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-s to accommodate you rock hard (need proof? just check out the photos of Jockstrap Central model Jack on their website for a demonstration!) Even hotter is that the mesh is fully see-through.

Of course it wasn't enough for Pulse to just print the mesh fabric, they also styled the waistband: It's a heavy-duty one inch wide white comfort elastic edged in blue with the country printed front and center and includes three quarter inch sturdy comfort elastic leg straps in matching colors.

Don a country's jockstrap but be sure to stand at attention to show your true patriotism – everyone will be looking.

Pulse and Jockstrap Central are a marriage made in heaven. When you make an erotic mesh jockstrap it deserves to be shown off properly and uncensored. Jockstrap Central (and their hot models) hold nothing back in showing off these new jockstraps. Just be warned, the photos are not safe for work.”

Shop the JockStrapCentral Patriotic Jocks….

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