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Small Brands Going Big…


New York, NY:   Two pioneers in men’s 
fashion ─ former Tommy Hilfiger executive Brian Edgar and Ginch Gonch Underwear founder Jason Sutherland ─ announced today they have joined forces in an innovative new company that will address the under-served metro-sexual male consumer group.  Beyond Big Branding will develop proprietary brands and partner with existing brands trading in international markets and launch them globally.  Mr. Edgar will serve as President and CEO of the new company. Mr. Sutherland takes on the role of Creative Director and Brand EVP.

“Building and maintaining a single brand requires as much time and effort as developing a host of brands,” explained Mr. Edgar, formerly executive vice president at Tommy Hilfiger Retail Canada Inc., at this morning’s announcement.   “Beyond Big Branding will unite similar-minded active wear companies and co-brand them with one another. 

“The advantages in multi-branding include cost savings, systems integration, preferential pricing on manufacturing, and greater exposure,” he added.

At Tommy Hilfiger, Mr. Edgar helped spearhead the company’s expansion across Canada to over sixty retail locations.  In his seven years, he helped increase company revenue by over ten times the original sales figures.

“Synergy is key for us,” said Mr. Sutherland.   Mr. Sutherland is widely heralded as the designer who, with his Ginch Gonch line, helped to inject fun — or, as he calls it, cheekiness — into the men’s undergarment industry. â€œOur brands share services across the board: from design, to accounting, collections, customers, sales, support staff, web design, IT support, printing, photo-shoots, public relations, and even online media.”

“Beyond Big Branding offers advantages to buyers as well”, he continued.  “We aim to be a one-stop shop, providing products of the highest quality with brands that cover virtually all price points, from mass market to exclusive boutique.”  

The first proprietary brand being introduced is Piss & Vinegar, an underwear and swimwear company created by Mr. Sutherland.  It launched in the last quarter of 2009 and enjoyed tremendous holiday hype in domestic and international media with its controversial Jesus brief. Piss & Vinegar designs remind men—or rather, challenge them— to grab life and live it with heart.  The gear is targeted toward the high end consumer.

The two international brands that Beyond Big Branding has licensed to springboard into the global marketplace are Dick & Jane and Expose. 

Founded in Russia and now headquartered in Vienna, Dick & Jane is a bold brand, popular with urban youth. In 2008, the company opened 78 new accounts, primarily in Eastern Europe. The company is now poised to rapidly expand into Western European and beyond.

With its flagship store in Columbia, Expose is a sporty and sexy brand, suitable for mid-tier and boutique stores as well as online channels. The company will add two retail locations this calendar year and aims to break into the US marketplace.

Beyond Big Branding has a five year licensing deal with both Dick & Jane and Expose that gives the company access to all international markets and every sales channel including direct, online, wholesale, licensing and brick and mortar.

“The men’s underwear and loungewear market is still in its early stages of development,” said Mr. Edgar.  “Beyond Big Branding aims to take the industry to the next level by buying, licensing, and partnering with exciting brands and manufacturers throughout the world.

“We are aggressively seeking additional partnerships with brands and investors,” he adds.  “Through synergy, our Beyond Big Branding companies are finally able to compete against the big boys.”

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