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Tease Underwear – a Brand Profile

Tease is one of the latest brands coming on to the highly competitive men’s and women’s underwear market.  Hailing from Brazil, this brand was launched to fill a need for colorful, high-quality underwear that they could find in the existing market.  With this, Tease was launched.  The Tease collection, reports their website, begins with a careful selection of images.  Photos and paintings from friends and family are used in their designs to ensure uniqueness.  The fabric selection used comes from careful selection of beautiful, comfortable, and sustainably grown fabrics (such as organic cotton, bamboo and modal).  All of their collections are produced in Ilhota, Santa Catarina (Brazilian lingerie an bikini capital) and shipped our in recycled packaging.

I have been fortunate to get my hands on some of their first run items in both men’s and women’s underwear.  My initial impression, I think they’ll make a good competitor for existing brands.  The artistic nature of the collections I reviewed were fresh and appealing, the organic cotton was soft and comfortable, and the collections were conservative, but stylish.  Check back as we begin publishing several reviews on this exciting new startup underwear company.


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