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Coming Soon – Men’s Top 10 Swimsuit Guide

Coming Soon ….

The 2010 Men’s Top 10 Swimwear Guide

Stay tuned for the top 10 best men’s swim trunks for 2010.  I am compiling this guide as a best-of-the-best.  Currently under review are men’s swim trunks and boardies.  You can expect the guide to be published in approximately two weeks.  There are some great brands with some great styles for 2010, should be interesting to see who comes out on top.  Thank goodness styles have improved from this 1800’s version of men’s swimwear!!

What brands do you think will make the list?  Do you have a favorite brand?  Favorite style?

What do YOU think?  Thank you for reading this post, feel free to get involved below and let me know whether you agree or disagree with this post.  Do you like what you’ve read/seen?  Have anything extra you would like to add?   Add your comments and make yourself heard!

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