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Ergowear Flex Pacific Swimsuit – A Men’s Swimwear Review

Reviewed by Ken
Today is my first review for Menswear Review.  I’ve been provided an Ergowear Flex Swimsuit – Pacific in size
L (I am a 33 waist).  While I’m not typically a brief cut swimsuit guy, I was quite impressed with this swimsuit.  As you know, Menswear Review has published a number of Ergowear reviews including the new PLUS II line, X3D Bikini, Max Boxer, and more! The Flex Pacific Swimsuit receives great scores, just as the Ergowear men’s underwear have.
Fabric:   The suit is made of 80% Polyamide
and 20% elastane fibers.  The
fabric was very smooth and comfortable on the skin, while at the same time
flexible enough to conform to my shape.    
Front:   All of the Flex Collection items
contain a horizontal elastic strap (about 1 inch wide) that lifts the genitals
into the roomy pouch.  This may
sound uncomfortable just for a little more “show” but in reality it felt quite
natural and provided an appropriate amount of support.  The visual effect is just another
Back:  The rear of the suit provided enough
coverage for me, I do not like how some other brands have the extreme bikini cuts that barely cover and
ride up the back. 
Style:   I liked the dark blue color scheme with the light pumpkin
orange side panels. I normally do not wear this style of suit, preferring the
more square cut or trunk style, but I must say I did enjoy the day at the pool while wearing this suit, and it was comfortable the entire day
without pinching or pulling.
Craftsmanship:  The stitching on the seams were nicely
done and the different thread colors provided a nice contrast.  The elastic support band was sewn into
the side panels in such a way as not to “rub” the wrong way or cause any
irritation.  Overall I think the
suit is well made and will maintain its colors without fading.   
For more information about the Flex Swimsuit or any of Ergowear’s line, checkout their site and online store.   


Size I Wore:  L (I’m a 33″ waist)

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