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Espada Low Rise Race Swimwear

Reviewed by Shayne

espada lowrise racer colorblock bikini swimsuitAustralians love the beach culture and we are very akin to wearing swimwear like it is our second skin. Comfort and sexiness is a must for many Australian beach bums. The Espada Low Rise Racer swimwear comes in some bright and vibrant colours ready for summer.

Your browser may not support display of this image.Espada’s Low Rise Racer comes in two different styles – one with a color block and one without. Each style comes in three color palates – I am certain that you will find a color and style to suit. For this review, I was sent a lime brief with a blue waistband with a white color block, which runs down the right hand side of the suit.

Espada pride themselves in selecting and using only quality materials in their garments. The Espada Low Rise Racer seem to be no exception – the materials feels luxurious.

Fabric:   The suit is made of 80% Polyamide and 20% Elastane. According to Santos Espada, this gives absolute comfort and the perfect fit while providing a lightweight and elastic material. I wore the garment all day at the beach, the garment was extremely lightweight, however, it did not match up to its expectations for comfort and the perfect fit. The material was extremely scratchy and uncomfortable to wear all day. Although one bonus is that the material when wet clings to accentuate every curve.

Front:   Espada have used the colors wisely in their design to create an attractive swimsuit. The three choices of colors: lime, blue and white complement each other effectively. The 1 inch blue waistband with drawstring helps to draw your eyes towards the pouch. The pouch is roomy to accommodate those of us who are well endowed. Similarly, the 3.5 inch white panel on the right of the garment adds to the garment. This would be the perfect place to personalize your swimwear with the name of your swim team or to show your patriotism. On the right, above the white panel, features their signature tab which is featured all their swimwear. The inner lining has been well crafted for comfort, however, Espada needed to spend additional time in creating a sexier suit.

Back:  The rear of the suit is full seated for those of you with some junk in your trunk. However, I found that the suit was quite loose in the seat and seemed to hang. Likewise the seam in the crotch bulged created a sag, which looked different than their photos.

Style:   Espada have been wise in their choices of colors to help complement the characteristics of Summer. However, I found the style to be too full figured for my liking. I also found myself having to adjust the garment and was quite itchy when wearing it all day at the beach.

Quality:  Espada have spent considerable time in the construction of the garment – the stitching on the seams were nicely done and the same thread colors gave the garment a well finished look.  The elastic support band was sewn into the side panels in such a way as not to “rub” the wrong way or cause any irritation.  Overall I think the suit is well made and will maintain its colors without fading.

The Espada Low Rise Racer sells for $69 USD, go to their website and have a look at their exciting range of colors. Don’t forget you can also purchase the Brazilian Swim Brief or Square Cut Brief at their online store at

Overall Rating [rating=3]

Fit [rating=2] Adequate fit. Great everyday swimwear – it wont turn any heads.

Style [rating=3] Great use of colors, however, the fuller brief is great for everyday wear.

Fabric [rating=4] Quality material however sags a little in the rear for those with small bubble butts.

Quality [rating=4] Well constructed garment

Size I Wore: S (I’m a 30″ waist)

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