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Mundo Unico Make the Top 10 Swim Shorts List

Mundo Unico Makes the Top 10 List 
for Swim Shorts
See Where Mundo Unico's Board Shorts Ranked!


Mundo Unico has designed some impressive board shorts.  The board shorts are available in five different design patterns:  Arrecife (white with brown and blue palms), Pacifico (light blue with stripes down the side and white flowers), Marino (dark blue with white and electric blue palms), Exotico (white with vivid orange palms) and Indigo (black with red and white strips and white flowers).  In picture and in person, these are some very attractive designs.  My favorite of the 5 would be Arrecife, Pacifico, or Indigo.

The board shorts are made from 100% Micrel Nylon.  The Micrel material has 2 to 3 times more filaments than a regular yarn to give it a fine appearance and feel.  The material allows for quick drying.

The Unico Board Shorts are unlined for a quicker drying time.  Stitching and workmanship is of excellent quality.  While the front fly is velcro, Unico adds a bit of extra material to avoid the short and curlys from getting caught.

There are two deep front pockets.  The pockets are nice for when you're out of the water and wearing them like regular shorts. I would not, however, place a room key or other valuables in them as they would slide out while swimming.

Overall, a very comfortable fit.  The legs of the board shorts come down to your knees.  Uncio does use flat seams so you don't feel the seams. This is important when you're wearing an unlined board short (which most are) and not wearing anything underneath.  See my post on what to wear under board shorts.

Overall, I can say that I truly enjoyed these board shorts and can confidently recommend them to you. They're stylish, comfortable and well made.


Overall Rating
Comfortable, stylish and well made
Fit well – both wet and dry
I like the pattern designs, colors and length
Quality 100% Nylon
Very well made

Size I Wore:  L (I'm a 34″ waist)

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